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Triopuri Masterlist~

The masterlist of reveals. :D Not all posts could be edited to add in author and artist names, so everything is under this cut. ^__^

starlightstorm created Resistance for nimori
giving_ground created Ad Interim for aoiyuzu
llamachan created All A Girl Needs for crocoduck
nerfracket created Three Times Momoshiro Takeshi Kissed Kikumaru Eiji (and Three Times When Oishi Shuichiro Kissed Him) for polyurethane
kat8cha created Ménage à trois for feuillu
calembours created Hit The Bench, Akaya-kun~ for blackjesskat
fic_faery created Sharing is Caring for tokyocentricity
konkon_pinku created It's Time to Duel! for willowscry
blackjesskat created Gratification for kai882
longleggedgit created Experimenter Bias for nerfracket
willowscry created Even If It's Wrong for illuminations
polyurethane created Without A Hitch for longleggedgit
nimori created The Light Between Days for konkon_pinku
sirene_wanderer created The Reward for Diligence for redpocket
tokyocentricity created Midway for fic_faery
illuminations created Triptych for sirene_wanderer
kai882 created Good Enough for llamachan
starlightstorm created Sleepover for calembours
jazzy_peaches created Plans for kat8cha
crocoduck created Studying is Best Done Behind Locked Doors, Anyway for triopuri
anjenue created Once More, With Feeling for jazzy_peaches
calembours created Free Afternoons for starlightstorm
aoiyuzu created fata morgana for giving_ground
feuillu created Happy Birthday, Yuuta for triopuri
redpocket created Meet Me in the Morning for anjenue
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