Thank you so much everyone. ♥

Hi. :> This is Miki, writing the last post for this inaugural round of triopuri.

Triopuri – a threesomes exchange for Prince of Tennis – was an idea I had floating around in my head for a little while because as much fanfic and fanart as there was for the PoT boys, there wasn’t much which dealt with polyfidelity, or simply exploring in threesomes at all. I thought that given how successful other exchanges had been, perhaps it would be fun to create an exchange like this to encourage other people to write relationships they might not normally explore and try to give some of the boys and girls a little extra love. :D

It's a project which has meant a lot to me, but which was possibly only carried to fruition because when I asked Anj to help me with it, she embraced it wholeheartedly and enthusiastically and she gave me the push and encouragement I needed to have the confidence that the exchange would work out smoothly and that anyone would want to participate in the first place! XD It was her work in matching participants that helped so much in starting everything off smoothly, and her organisation and dedication that ensured things stayed on track while I was overseas, and her company when we were planning the details and her putting up with me while I went on and on about the endless lists of characters I’d love to throw together, that made it fun. :3

At that time, Anj’s biggest goal for this exchange was that every participant should give his/her best to create a gift that his/her recipient would really enjoy, and I think we’ve probably come close to achieving it. :D Both Anj and I were really, really impressed with (and probably a bit proud of XD) the quality of submissions and how quickly everyone got them in. There have been some absolutely wonderful pieces posted here, so if you haven’t seen everything yet, I’d definitely recommend taking the time to go through everything. :D

It’s been a bumpy and busy ride for the past few months, and I know the past month has extremely difficult, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking around and supporting the exchange to the end.

Thank you for being such awesome, wonderful participants. ♥ Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into your stories and art.

Thank you so much to starlightstorm and calembours for pinch hitting for us! (Especially since asking calembours was totally 11th hour! XD) Without the two of you, we’d have been in a huge mess. XD

♥ Thank you longleggedgit for all of your help with anjenue's story and for helping to upload these images for me. ♥

Thank you anjenue for your encouragement and enthusiasm, and for everything, really. ♥

~ Miki.
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Fic: Meet Me in the Morning (for anjenue)

Author/Artist: redpocket
For: anjenue

Title: Meet Me in the Morning
Characters: Atobe/Oshitari/Shishido
Rating: R.

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is property of Konomi.
Warnings: Implied violence, explicit sex scenes.

Summary: AU, ensemble cast. Oshitari Yuushi lives a privileged life, and he knows it. His mornings are filled with laziness, and his afternoons and nights with indulgence, luxury, and the occasional romp in someone else’s bed. But it’s when he makes the mistake of taking things one step too far that his parents decide he needs to be straightened out. And they won’t be the ones to do it.

Notes: 35,000 words. Very much inspired by one of my favourite movies of all time and not at all written with the intent of basing it in a factually accurate Japan... ^__^;;; Though the academy here is very loosely based on fact. Adoration and thanks to M for looking this over for me at what can only be described as extremely short notice. XD

Anj, this is darker and longer than the story I had intended, and the ‘college roommate-style awkward romance’ feeling you wanted almost disappeared in the process, though I still managed to keep the ‘introspective, get together’ part. I really hope you would have enjoyed reading it nevertheless. I hope it would have lived up to your expectations and hopes; I put my heart into it for you. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Nearly at the end~!

Hi everyone. :>

Just a quick post to let everyone know that we’re nearly at the end of the postings for triopuri!

The last submission will be posted later tonight. Reveals will be posted in a masterlist in five days’ time (as not all posts can be edited to include author/artist names), and until then, enjoy all the wonderful things that have been written and drawn, and don’t forget to leave comments for the authors and artists. ♥

~ Miki.

PS: The other point of this post was to apologise profusely for not being able to backdate entries in the comm. Sorry about the multiple posts in a row! *bows*

Fic: Happy Birthday, Yuuta (for the triopuri community)

Author/Artist: feuillu
For: triopuri~!

Title: Happy Birthday, Yuuta
Characters: Fuji Yuuta, Fuji Shuusuke, Saeki Kojirou
Rating: Hard R/barely NC-17

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I made no money off of this.
Warnings: Fujicest, swearing, drunkenness and debauchery.
Summary: Fuji recruits an old friend to give Yuuta a birthday he won't soon forget.
Notes: I hope everyone enjoys this, because it was tons of fun to write.

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Doujinshi: fata morgana (for giving_ground)

Author/Artist: aoiyuzu
For: giving_ground

Title: fata morgana
Characters: YagyuuxYukimuraxNiou
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: As much as I would like to, I do not own these boys. All Konomi's.
Warnings: This is a doujinshi, so it is NOT dail-up friendly at ALL. Also, there's a lot of kissing with saliva. ;)
Summary: Illusions can be quite real. Set during the senior year of college, so they're of age, thankyouverymuch.
Notes: Liz, I really really hope you like this. I felt that I could not do your request justice with a single drawing, so I decided to try a doujinshi instead. I have not toned/paneled/comic-ed in about 4 years, so I apologize in advance for any retarded looking pages. m(_ _)m Also, a very big thanks to A for looking over the story, T^2 and S for looking over my drafts. The help was very much appreciated. <3<3

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